In The Interest Of Boosting Site Views, I present to You: More Puppies

You want internet fame and fortune there are basically only three ways to go about it.

1. Porn
2. YouTube videos of people hurting themselves in hilarious ways
3. Babies

It’s a sad fact, but no matter how many great, funny and insightful posts I write about meaningful shit, I’ll still get 3 times as many hits by simply posting a picture of a hot girl with great breasts.

Such is life my friends. Such is life.

So with no further ado, here are pics of my favourite of the 14 puppies we’re looking after. This special little guy is the runt of the litter and I know it was fucking retarded of me to do it because we can’t keep him, but I went ahead and named him.

Ladies and gentlemen. Meet Rocko.





And just like that – KAPOW! Site views hit 1k.

My work here is done.


1 Response to “In The Interest Of Boosting Site Views, I present to You: More Puppies”

  1. 1 @Supa_Dan
    August 27, 2010 at 1:50 pm

    ahhh, now I get the puppy thing, its all about hits… If it works in the park or on the street, why not online! Bring on those puppies!

    And here I thought you were leading us up to a “Nominate my blog for a SA blog award or I’ll kill all 14 puppies, violently” type campaign. Silly me

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