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The Maen Comes Over

Sundays here are a mixed blessing. On one hand it’s quiet I got time to create content, which is a good thing, but what invariably ends up happening is I get lost in the solitude of this place and instead of using the time I got effectively, I procrastinate, think too much about my life and where it’s not going and slide into a funk.

The MAEN missioned out here today, found the place the first time (an impressive feat considering my address is “The R44”) and broke the monotony of yet another Sunday where I could feel myself sliding again.

It’s an exciting time in The MAEN’s life, shit is coming together for him like I always knew it would. He’s an unstoppable force, he’s got enough life in him for three men at least and he’s totally fearless in every conceivable way.



I drank some whiskey and listened to his crazy ramblings and plans for the future. We stood on my balcony and looked out over the empty space around us and unlike almost everyone else who visits this place, he said how it was nice and all, but he could see how after living here for awhile, I person could lose their fucking mind.

We shot the breeze for an hour or two and after he left, I felt better. Like at least one of us is getting his shit together, kicking some ass out there and living the dream.

I spent the entire day editing the next episode of The Tiger Life and I’m happy how it turned out because truth be told, I get more of a kick out of shooting and editing those stupid clips than I do slaving away at the grindstone.

Ain’t that wonder?

Next Tiger Life goes up on Tuesday. Hope you like it Winking smile