Brotips – words to live by

People who follow me on Twitter might have been a little confused a few weeks back when I randomly started sprouting profound wisdom in the form of “Brotips”.

When I discovered this website I felt pretty much exactly like Moses must have when he came stumbling down the mountain with those gigantic stone slabs of rules and stuff that God gave him.



I have all the answers guys and no, this isn’t like the time that guy gave me that pamphlet by the robot, this shit is flippin legit!

Brotips is basically a goldmine of advice about life that is funny, poignant, and bizarrely profound without being lame or shit in any way.

Brotips range from the relatively obscure (“someone has to eat the last slice of pizza. be rad enough to deserve it, but bro enough to turn it down”) to bastardised quotes from famous people (“’anyone who has never fucked up never tried to do something rad’ – Albert Brostein”) to badass relationship advice (“getting angry at people because they won’t date you gives them another reason not to date you”).



There’s really nothing that Brotips doesn’t cover and it’s growing by the minute. Every day brings at least another 5 new Brotips so even though the site was launched in April (from what I can tell) there are already 650 tips up there.

Be one of the first to tell your Bros about the site and remember, “being a real bro to someone means you aren’t afraid to smack some sense into them if necessary”.

THEM’S fightin’ words Winking smile


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