Wishing You A Calvin & Hobbes Christmas

tumblr_lvliwpwHgf1r74shoo1_250Was there ever a pair of comic book characters more awesome than Calvin and Hobbes? I must have about 8 or 9 collected volumes of Calvin and Hobbes and I think I’ve read them about 5 times each.

Creator Bill Watterson is truly a genius. Calvin & Hobbes is a perfect mixture of wacky humour, philosophy, morality and youthful innocence. It also has a tiger in it, which immediately makes it a winner in my books.

What I really loved about C&H though was how intelligent Calvin is – he sprouts words even I have to look up sometimes and has this dark, twisted sense of humour that I really relate to.

For example, every time it snows, Calvin diligently gets to work building snowmen, but unlike “normal” kids, he takes the medium to a whole other level by building snow scenes that could have been stolen out of a Steven King novel…



Too awesome.

I must say though, being the big softie that I am, I also really related to the sentimental stuff that Watterson wrote for C&H, especially the Christmas panels.

Here is my favourite C&H Christmas panel so that my street cred as a badass, take-no-shit-from-nobody blogger can be forever tarnished in a gigantic “Awwwwwww!” moment.




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