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New Music Tuesday – Sharon Van Etten

sharon van etten 520I go nuts for bands who stream their albums before they get released. It’s just a very humble, thoughtful thing to do y’know?

It’s like they’re saying, “Here’s what we did, if you like it, spread the word and buy the album and if you don’t, no biggie, just carry on with your life and let’s pretend like this never happened, ok?”

With Sharon Van Etten’s new album Tramp, you’re gonna want to buy it when it gets released though – one listen to the first single “Serpents” and I was instantly hooked and as for the rest of the album, well let’s just say I thought it was pretty damn decent.


The Tiger Hits Up The Met, Becomes Instantly hooked on Horseracing

ShadowAs I mentioned last week, thanks to the kind folks at Ladbrokes, J-Rab and I got to go to the J&B Met on Saturday and bet some money on the races and ended up having a killer time!

Sure, we went to the Met last year as well, but that was really just to swan around in the main marquee drinking champers, eating crayfish and mingling with all the ZAlebrities.

This time around we were there to BET and we had the upper hand from the get go because the kind folks from Ladbrokes gave us some scarily accurate odds and as a result, we actually won some money!


Inappropriate Joke Friday Is Back!

tumblr_lf86wsgfIq1qzfpevo1_500Following the resounding success of the first Inappropriate Joke Friday (or IJF, as it’s known in the media), I decided to open the floodgates of my dirty, twisted mind and publish the WORST JOKE YOU HAVE EVER HEARD.

I think it’s fair at this stage to issue a Level 5 Severity Warning to people who might have casually stumbled on this site, are easily offended or are my mom, to just close this window now and walk away.

That’s right, just walk away. Left right left right. There is NO NEED to continue reading any of this and if you do, well, that’s your fault, NOT MINE!


Ladbrokes Sets The Tiger Loose At The J&B Met

PastMasterMet2011I think I speak for all bloggers here when I say that we get a serious kick out of brands that not only *get* what we do, but approach us completely out of the blue and are like, “Hey Slicky-T, whatcha up to this weekend? No plans? Here are two tickets to our hospitality area at the J&B Met, BOOM!”

That’s what Ladbrokes did just yesterday in an effort to get me excited in, and blogging about, their online betting service and suffice to say, it worked.

After getting the invite, I did a little digging and found out that Ladbrokes has been operating in the UK for over 120 years! How the hell had I never heard of them before?!


A Post On Leonard Cohen

leonard-cohen-19-09-09You can very broadly divide the world into two distinct camps – those who love Leonard Cohen and those who think all his music is good for is slitting your wrists to.

It’s pretty funny when you stop to think about them, the wrist-slitting brigade.

You take an artist and you give him or her a blank canvas, be it a recording studio, a film set or literally a canvas, and they fill that creative space it with something real, visceral, beautiful and true.

They fill it with something that captures the tragedy and the majesty of the human spirit and communicates that so powerfully that people’s immediate reaction is run away screaming about how they’re going to slit their wrists.


Okes Who Like To Klap It #11: DASO Poster

DASOSo I’m checking out the interwebs yesterday night and I come across this DA Student Organisation news article that has a picture of this DASO poster that okes are KAKKING theirselves about.

So I check out the poster and I can INSTANTLY SEE why okes are talking about this thing all over the interwebs.

It takes a flippin CLEVER OU to be able to see through all the other stuffs that can cloud a oke’s mind when it comes to sensitive issues such as these ones, which is why, by just looking at the poster below for 3 seconds, I could check what the whole issue with it is about.


Californication Season 5 – Yawn

david_duchovny_californication_dThere was a time when Californication was definitely in my top 3 series because seriously, what wasn’t there to like about it?

Hank Moody was a really compelling character. A charming rogue who, though he slept with hundreds of women, only ever loved one (Karen) and spent the whole of the first season trying to win her back.

However, the plot twist that really made the series compelling happened in the first episode when Hank sleeps with a woman (Mia) who he later finds out is not only 16 years old, but is also the daughter of the man Karen is dating.


Dances Moves Like You Have NEVER Seen

keithThe weekends just around the corner party people, which means thousands of the crazy cats who read this site are going to be hitting clubs around the world like muthufukkin’ WRECKING BALLS YO!

But you have a problem. You ain’t got no sick DANCES MOVES.

Well, that’s where your ol’ buddy Slicky-T comes in. If you watch and memorise the following dances moves, I can GUARANTEE you this: unlimited sex. With however many partners you want. All the time.

We’re going to start off slow with some dances moves called the “Sick Cat”, watch, memorise share with all your friends and enjoy!



Are you MI5 Smart?

200px-MI5So I’m lurking on Twitter the other day, stinking the place up and making a nuisance of myself as usual and I come across this tweet from ol’ @RubyGold (who, on any given day, tweets about 1000 times at a useful:useless shit ratio of roughly 7:3) about an MI5 quiz.

I immediately dropped everything I was doing and hit the link he posted and from what I can tell, it’s legit; MI5 have actually designed an online quiz to test if you got the mad skillz to apply for a job there.


Brilliant Retroviral Video

RetroviralA long time ago, before the Dead Sea was even sick (da dum. tssshhh) I quit the job I was working in insurance PR and got a gig with a way cooler company called Tribeca PR doing tech-spin.

I had about 2 weeks to kill between jobs so the crazy kids at Tribeca invited me to a media launch they were handling for the HTC Touch.

I walked into the launch and there was this big lug of a man who greeted me with a hearty handshake and was a loud, sweary, goofy kinda guy who I had no idea would one day start a digital agency as amazing as the one I’m about to show you.