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A Thousand Promises Of Pain To Come

MarvI never forgot that line, the one from Sin City after Marv snaps the cuffs on that weird little freak and knocks him the fuck out. They cut to this epic shot of Marv having a smoke, covered in blood.

He says: “I try to slow my heart down and breathe the fire out of my lungs. My muscles make me a thousand promises of pain to come”. For some reason I never forgot that line.

Especially the part about the promises of pain to come. I finally trained again yesterday, it was a giant pile of dogshit session, I was weak as a kitten and running on fumes before I was even half done.

But I did it. And tomorrow morning I’ll do it again and I’ll keep doing it until it gets easier and I get fitter and stronger and back to my same old self.

That’s the path you choose if you want to live a certain life. I walk that path because it keeps me sharp, it keeps me focussed and disciplined.

If I had to give up training entirely I think I would very quickly unravel and countless other things in my life would start to slide as well.



I call it the “fuck it” theory. When I’m not training and am faced with a minor obstacle in my every day life, like washing the dishes for example, I often end up thinking “fuck it, I’ll do it later”, while slowly but surely more and more shit starts piling up in my life.

When I’m training and I’m faced with an every day obstacle, that thinking switches from “fuck it, I’ll do it later” to “fuck it, lemme just handle this now quickly…” and as a result, my life feels less cluttered and more manageable.

With that I’d better call it. You’ll only be reading this tomorrow but here in the past it’s creeping ever-closer to 12am and I need some rest if I’m gonna eat some weights for breakfast tomorrow.

Later charnas!