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Tiger Tries To “Smuggle The Rainbow” – Hilarity Ensues

unnamed-1-620x347I’ve always dug Skittles’ digital campaigns because they do some pretty crazy stuff and it works. So I was stoked to receive a blogger drop recently with an invitation to “smuggle the rainbow”.

Here’s the down lizzo – the mission they gave me was to go to and survive an interrogation from Customs Officer Oosthuizen as I attempted to smuggle the rainbow into South Africa.

I gave it a bash and lemme tell ya, it weren’t easy, but provided you can keep a straight face and not move a muscle during the interrogation process, you should be juuuuuuuuussssttt fine. Oh, you also need a webcam otherwise you won’t be smuggling no nuthin’.

But before we get to the smuggling bit, lemme show you guys the badass personalised blogger drop the Skittles folks sent may way.

Here’s what was delivered to me in a big box. A book! Hell yeah I love books!



Then I opened it and found out it was a legit prison Bible!



In the prison Bible was a canister that was designed to look like your Tiger pal, check it:



Here’s a profile shot so you get a better view of the Tiger-hat:



I opened the canister and found it was packed FULL of Skittles. This is the part where I show you a pic of that canister full of Skittles except I binge-ate them all Disappointed smile

This was definitely one of the better drops I’ve ever received so big up to the Skittles crew for putting this all together, great job guys.

Now it’s your turn to Smuggle The Rainbow. Hit and get your best poker-face ready to take on Customs Officer Oosthuizen and if you get it right, you’ll get the chance to add the Skittle you smuggled to this page:



When you get there, scroll down until you see this:



It’s the Skittles smiley face that my Skittle forms a part of. Only it’s missing a right eye.

Go. Finish the Skittle smiley.

Finish it now.