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New Muse Single Sounds Like… Muse

museI mentioned yesterday that Muse were going to debut their new single on BBC Radio One yesterday evening and I’d try get my filthy mitts on it for you guys and thanks to Civilian, it’s a done deal.

No idea why music sites reported that Muse were going to debut the single “Unsustainable” off their new album The 2nd Law, because they debuted “Survivor”.

Get used to hearing this one, it’s been selected as the official song for the 2012 Olympics which is awesome when I think back to the fact that the first Olympics I remember watching was in 1992 and the official song was written by Pavarotti.

The times they are a changin’ boys and girls. Hoo-wee!

So here it is in it’s epic, operatic, face-melting glory. A song for the Olympics. About winning. Fancy that.

There isn’t really a video to go with it yet, but who needs a video when you have an awesome yellow block of Muse / 2012 Olympics co-branding?



So whaddya think party people? It’s no Knights Of Cydonia that’s for damn sure. And the lyrics “Race / Life’s a race / And I’m gonna win / Yes I’m gonna win / I’ll light the fuse / I’ll never lose” are a little weak.

No sign of any dubstep thus far though, so yeah… could be worse I guess…



New Muse Track Drops Today

2008MattBellamyMuseDC230312It’s a big day for Muse fans because at 7.30 this evening (British Central Time), the band is going to premier it’s new single “Unsustainable” on BBC Radio 1.

I’m more than a little anxious to hear what their new material will sound like having watched the trailer video they released for their new album The 2nd Law.

I say this because the trailer seems to suggest the band have decided to go the dub-step route on this album which is a pretty radical departure from, well, everything they’ve released thus far.

I already had issues with their previous album The Resistance which I felt was lacking the brute force of albums like Showbiz, Origin Of Symmetry and Absolution. Sure, there has always been a classical influence to their songwriting, but when you wander off into 10 minute long Chopin-esque interludes you’re going to piss people off.



Still, I’m an eternal optimist and want to believe that the new album is going to melt faces. I’ll try get the new track up here soon as possible so you guys can decide for yourselves.