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Escape Monday: With A Video That Will Make You Hallucinate

Tripping Balls_1c98a5_3904283I was super-sceptical about this one. It sounded like one of those “Forward this email to 15 people and you’ll win the lottery!” type scams, but I watched the video anyway and sure enough, it worked!

If you’ve never taken hallucinogenic drugs before the effects of this video might freak you out but don’t worry, it wears off after about 5 seconds and things return to normal… I hope…

Of course, there’s always the worry that this video might be planting something dangerous deep down in your subconscious mind, but I don’t think it’s very likely. Just kick, back watch this video on full screen (needs sound) and escape Monday whilst tripping balls at work.

Good times!



Now, if you want to know what an acid trip is like, imagine your vision doing that for 8 hours while you shift between manic, delirious bouts of uncontrollable laughter to paranoia and terror so visceral you could quite easily convince yourself that your worst nightmares are coming to life.

Survive that mentally intact and you can survive anything.