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africa-photos-284You guys aren’t going to fucking believe this, but I found out yesterday that the video I scripted, acted in, directed, half-shot and edited for the Nandos “How Far Will You Go” campaign fucking won!

I got the call yesterday from someone who introduced herself as a person handling Nandos communications, at which point I thought, “Thank fuck! They’re finally gonna give me the free meal vouchers they owe me” because I’m poor and I could really use some free food.

Then she tells me she has good news for me and I immediately think “YES! Chicken dinner tonight bitches!” but then she tells me I’ve won a R20 000 holiday anywhere in Africa and I instantly lose my shit completely!

So I guess the big question now is, where the hell do I go?! In a few days time a travel agent is going to contact me and send all kinds of options through for different travel packages all over Africa. It’s fucking crazy, the way I understand it all I have to do is pick and choose the packages I want that add up to R20k, book some leave and unleash myself on the continent!



So help me out here guys, the only place in Africa I’ve ever visited is Swaziland, that’s IT. Where would you go if you had a R20k travel budget?

I hear ZANZIBAR is fucking sick. I just like saying the word – ZANZIBAR!

Leave suggestions in the comments or hit me on

You gotta love this crazy fucked up thing called life. Run around hungover with your underpants on the outside the one day and you’re jetting off across Africa the next.

Here’s the video I submitted if you’re wondering what the hell that last sentence means:



A HUGE thanks to my loving girlfriend J-Rab and Jennyjenjen for helping me turn that fucking weird idea for an ad into a reality. You guys rock, I seriously couldn’t have done it without you.

Have a killer weekend party people. If anyone’s heading through to Assembly tonight, come hunt me down for a celebratory drink or five Winking smile