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The Tiger Jumps Back On The Horse

Tiger_riding_a_horseHey party people, how the hell are ya!

It’s been way, way too long since I last did this. Work has literally been killing me the past two weeks, but things are finally stabilising which means I’m back in the saddle, riding this, the Anti-Christ of South African blogs once again, all flashing eyes and floating hair, towards the event horizon.

So what’s your Tiger pal been up to the past two weeks? Curazy pops that’s for sure, ricocheting all around the country like a piece of loose shrapnel.

Transport, motorways and tramlines, starting and then stopping, taking off and landing, the emptiest of feelings…


Quick, Everyone! In The Crate!

My favourite moment as a blogger is when people ask me what other blogs I read.

“What?!” I invariably reply, “there are other blogs on the internet?! Holy shit, no! I don’t read that garbage, it’s bad enough that I write one, why the hell would I want to read someone elses?”

But the sad truth is that I too get miserably bored at work sometimes and find myself gravitating toward other blog sites, mostly just to affirm the fact that I am pretty much the Anti-Christ of South African bloggers and probably always will be.