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SLACKTIGER! An Apology From SlickTiger Industries

4107030-happy-young-businesspeople-having-meeting-in-boardroom-at-office-in-front-of-a-huge-plasma-tv-screenGood day.

We here at SlickTiger Industries would like to issue an official apology for the tardy manner in which content has been posted on this weblog over the past few weeks. The poor effort that has gone into populating the site with “radass stuffs” is by no means a reflection of what to expect in 2013.

The truth is that the site’s creator and chief content-generator has spent the past three weeks on leave, growing a beard (pictured below), drinking whisky and making a concerted effort to mirror the sleeping patterns of his cat.

Steps have been taken to rectify this problem and going forward, there will be a regular stream of content appearing on the site daily again, with a lot more attention being paid to music, movie and game reviews.

In the meantime, here’s what “your Tiger pal” has been up to over the past three weeks:








Regular transmission to resume in 5…

Thank you for your patience.

-SlickTiger Industries