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Awesome Work Time-Wasters (Part X)

donkey 2Things have been a little quiet around these parts recently because (once again) work has decided to load me up like a pack mule and send me trotting off into the jaws of hell.

Overdramatic? What the fuck man – look at the donkey! LOOK AT IT!


Today’s time waster is really going to fuck with your productivity and yes, I know I say this every time I post one of these bad boys, but this one is a whole other level of dicking around.

Because as my good friend Mr Floyd Shivambu once said – “Dicking around is dicking around!”

It’s called Random Defence 2 (BIG up to my main man Action for getting me into this one) and MAN what I wouldn’t give to spend the rest of today just playing this instead of doing any actual work, but that ain’t gonna happen, nossir.



What you gotta do is give this game a couple of plays because the first time around you’re gonna be all like, “What the fuck is this shit!? The graphics are LAME! The bad guys are LAME! And I have no idea what the hell is going on…”

But trust me, after a couple of plays, you’ll be all like, “Hmm… This is actually… kinda fun…”

Fast forward to thirteen hours later and you haven’t eaten, it’s 5am, your eyes look like piss holes in snow, you’re shaking uncontrollably, giddy with excitement because you just need to mine 50 more units of Xuquinatum and you can build A FUCKING RANDOM DOOM TOWER!

The gameplay is pretty simple. “Creeps” (ie. the badguys) come in wave after wave along a set path and your goal is to kill the shit out of them before they reach the end of that path or you’ll lose lives for every little arsehole who sneaks by.

To stop them you have to build either gun, explosive, electric or “miscellaneous” towers and then sit back and watch as fucking Armageddon unfolds.



Each wave of creeps gets a little more hardcore than the last and to build fortifications you need money and minerals (killing creeps gives you money, mining gives you minerals), you’ll also need power stations to provide the necessary juice to all your buildings.

And that, in a nutshell, is pretty much it. So HIT THIS LINK, play it for ten minutes or so and see how you go… (heh heh heh).

TOTAL TIME WASTED: DAYS! And I can feel I still got at least another 15 – 20 hours left in me before this gets boring
FINAL VERDICT: What the game lacks in terms of shiny graphics it more than makes up for in terms of FUCKING SICK gameplay! Don’t stop until you’ve built a RANDOM DOOM TOWER! That is your goal.

Have a killer weekend party people Winking smile



Awesome Work Time-Wasters (Part III)

Winterbells01Ok, lemme just start this one with a disclaimer – it’s a little gay, but just like riding a scooter it’s a lot of fun until your friends find out.

I’m not too sure what the game’s actually called, so let’s just go with the “Gay Rabbit Game”. The purpose of the Gay Rabbit Game (GRG) is simply to jump and move your mouse around to touch as many bells as possible.

The more bells you touch, the higher you jump and the more points you score. Simple. Easy breezy. And great for avoiding actual work.

So go ahead and hit this link and give it a try. I can almost guarantee you you’ll get instantly hooked.



Definitely play this one with a mouse though, it’s frustrating as hell with a touchpad.

FINAL VERDICT: What starts out as “Lemme just play it one more time, I’m pretty sure I can top that last score…” will definitely end up as “Holy what the fuck! It’s Tuesday already?!”

What do you guys think of the Gay Rabbit Game? As always if you have suggestions for other great work time wasters, feel free to send them to