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Okes Who Like To Klap It #3 – Boychay On A Beach (NSFW)

Hazit charnas!

SlickTiger here with more pictures of OKES WHO LIKE TO KLAP IT!

Now I know what you’re probably thinking about the following oke who likes to klap it because trust me, I’m thinking the SAME FLIPPIN’ THING – it’s a bit flippin GAY to pose kaalgat for pictures on a beach, but FUCK OKES!

Can you seriously BLAME this charna?! Check out his flippin MASSIVE AND RIPPED QUADS BRU! The oke’s BUFF, so he likes to walk kaalgat on the beach, so what?!



A oke like that can flippin MOER you with a look ma boychay, a look like the one in this picture.



A oke like this has 1000% DEDICATION and that’s what I like to see. You won’t find this oke sitting on his bladdy arse eating chips and watching Sewende Laan, no.

This charna is in the gym twice EVERY DAY, eating weights for breakfast, lunch and supper and experimenting with DANGEROUS BOVINE GROWTH HORMONES that seem to have had some kind of funny effect on his pecs…

But none the less, I think we can take our backwards gym cap off to this PROPPER BOYCHAY, this BUFF CHARNA and say BOET! You’ve KLAPPED IT!

Until next time!