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The Death Of SlickTiger, The Birth Of Papa Slick

1560429_10153705679445099_1975768195_nThe future of this site is something that plagues me almost daily. I’ve spent nearly five years blogging on this platform and have gone through a rollercoaster of ups and downs trying to figure out what this site is.

Over the years, that’s become one of my least favourite questions to be asked, “So you’re a blogger? What’s your blog about?” To which I sheepishly reply, “I dunno… stuff…?”

It’s the biggest strength and weakness of this site. It isn’t about anything. Well, that’s all about to change boys and girls because, following the positive response I’ve gotten from the posts about The Cub, from now on will officially become a Daddy-blog.

I’m speaking to a couple of the designers at work about a complete overhaul of this site to be more parent-friendly. No more grey and dark grey colours, no more header image of redneck dudes slugging it out.

To be honest, the new focus and direction will be a welcome one. I think The Cub is the most incredible little person ever put on God’s green earth, so writing about what she gets up to everyday will be a breeze.



I’ll also be sharing my insights about what being a Dad is like because what I’ve quickly come to realise is that there is a staggering lack of content that’s being written at the moment from a man’s perspective when it comes to parenthood.

People take for granted that men aren’t as affected by parenthood as women are and I can tell you right now, that’s a total load of horse-poop.

Men are just hopeless at expressing themselves (generally) which is where I come in.

Of course the new change will also come with a subtle change in the tone of writing on this site and (thank God!) there will be no more “Klapping Gym” posts because a) I think I’ve done them to DEATH and b) Klapping Gym has no place on a blog about parenthood.

So I hope you’re as excited about this new journey as I am! I know one person who’s super excited about it, can you guess who it is?



Here’s to a Brave New World for your Tiger pal and a definitive answer to the awkward question, “What’s your site about?”

My daughter Winking smile