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It’s my Birthday

So yeah, donations welcome (email to set up an EFT).

I’ve got a crazy assed day lined up as I’m in the business of fine whisky and today the Whisky Live Festival begins, so think of me while I’m toiling away at the festival until 10 tonight when I should be getting fanned with palm leaves and enjoying a dram of the good stuff.

Here’s an appropriate picture…um, kinda…



Later masturbators.



Small Things

I looked down the old and dusty road I drive home today and for the first time saw that it was summer.

All around me the vineyards were green and exploding with life and the evening was warm and the sun was setting slow and late behind the jagged mountains that flank us.

I shopped in my shorts for the week’s groceries and instead of rushing around the store to get all the stuff on our list as quickly as possible, I just walked between the aisles and watched the sparrows that nest in the ceiling swooping around the Pick ‘n Pay, free.

I listened to old Kings Of Leon after supper and remembered what summer is like back up in Joburg. The smell of freshly cut grass on a sweltering day, the feel of your fingers pruning because you’ve been swimming too long. Coke fizzing up with ice.

I’m not sure how I’m supposed to be living, who I’m supposed to be hanging out with, what I’m supposed to be wearing or saying or thinking or doing. I don’t know if I’ve got it all figured out, I don’t know that I’ve got anything figured out, but I know that there’s something in a summer day that somehow makes every single damn thing worth it.



Tonight I’ll hold my girlfriend, warm, sweet-smelling and beautiful, and we’ll drift off to sleep together and we’ll be happy.

It’s my birthday on Wednesday, I’ll be 27 years old and while I ain’t changed, I know I ain’t the same

I hope it’s a sunny day on Wednesday, that’s all I want for my birthday. That and to wake up next to her.

The small things.



Happy Birthday TFW!

Today marks exactly one year since this site went live.



I feel like I should post something momentous to mark the occasion, like maybe a bunch of bullet points that clearly highlight my favourite moments since I started blogging or something, but I’m not going to do that cause you and I both know that nobody gives a shit about that shit.

I got a better idea.

Let’s get drunk. Fuck it all. Let’s get drunk and sing old Velvet Underground songs, who’s with me?! HUH?!?! WHO’S FUCKING WITH ME!

AWESOME! Ok, here, you get started on this fine bottle of single malt and I’ll tell you about a friend of mine, name of Jimmy Brown, he ain’t got nothin’ at all.

Not a shirt right off his back. He ain’t got nothin’ at all 😉

I’ve enjoyed writing this blog for all you crazy fuckers out there, you’re good people, exactly the kind of people I started writing this site to attract. Crazy diamonds.



And I’m sorry you know? Sorry if recently the content’s been thin and posts are few and far between, I still got all these fightin’ words in my head, just not the time to get them out in the right order.

I think this site might be here forever though. I think I’m re-thinking the whole thing with a long term goal in mind to just keep posting and posting and posting. And in time you’ll be able to cut through all this material like a saw through a tree and you’ll be able to read the circles in the trunk and tell the good years from the bad.

It’s like a beat-up old spaceship floating aimlessly through the ether and inside it are a tiny handful of people, my friends mostly, getting fucked up in the lamplight and talking a bunch of shit, sometimes laughing.

Other people, they get on and off, and in the credits of this movie they only appear as “Man By The Teleporter” or “Woman Playing Ukulele” and that’s fine, they have no place here, they’re free to come and go. I don’t mind.



So pour us another drink, easy on the ice, while I tell you about old Ginger Brown, walks with his head down to the ground, they took the shoes right off his feet and threw the poor boy right out in the street.

And this is what he said.

“Oh sweet nothin’
She ain’t got nothin’ at all…”