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All The Awesomeness Of The Internet Summed Up In One Video

Udder EwwThat’s a pretty bold claim right there, but I’m never one to shy away from a bold claim. Like remember that time I said I was running for US Senate?

Or what about the time I claimed I am capable of super regenerative healing and can shoot laser beams from my eyes? 

So yeah, in case you were ever wondering, here’s some insight into what the people of Reddit (“Redditors”, if you’re down with the lingo) think is funny. It’s a 12 minute video of the best “15 seconds or less” YouTube videos the interwebs has to offer and yes. I cried watching this.



What Actors Are Actually Taking When They Get Loaded On-Screen

779If I had to make a list of every movie or TV series I’ve ever watched where people smoke, toke, shoot, and shnarf all manner of supposed “drugs” it would be a mile long.

Drug use in movies and series is becoming increasingly prevalent, which always leads me to wonder what the fuck they are actually ingesting.

For a long time I figured it was just the real thing and that there was probably some dodgey pact that Hollywood made decades ago with law enforcement to just turn a blind eye to it in exchange for some fat kickbacks.