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The Perfect Series Of YouTube Clips For Movie Cynics

0I hate to admit it but I’ve become a right cynical basterd when it comes to movies. I blame the rise of awesome TV series for this, they have completely changed the way I consume media.

I want my entertainment in 40 minute bursts damnit! I want it in bite sized chunks and I want it to carry on for years! What is this two hour, watch a bunch of assholes I don’t care about bullshit?!

So admittedly I find it hard to enjoy movies the way I used to, which is why I find the “Everything Wrong With…” Youtube videos so awesome – they’re like a movie critic’s Shangri-La.

Remember the review I wrote for Prometheus slating it for being such a sloppy, incoherent piece of junk? Ya, well even with all the errors I spotted, the “Everything Wrong With…” team found about 10 times as many, check it:



Not satisfied with ruining that movie for everyone, I then took aim at the new James Bond snorefest Skyfall which you can read here.

Or you can just watch the “Everything Wrong With…” video below:



Not as bad as Prometheus, but still pretty shocking.

And then, just to hammer the final nail in the coffin, I reviewed Looper which the my new favourite Youtubers also tore into in a pretty big way.




So there ya go movie cynics. Hope I’ve made your Friday Winking smile

Later Party People, have a killer weekend.