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Ten Guaranteed Ways To Get Into A Bar Fight

Bar-fight-thumb-300x363Nobody likes a clever dick, especially if that clever dick happens to be standing in a bar making an arse out of you in front of your friends after you’ve just slammed your fifth tequila down the hatch.

At that stage, according to the dictates of the “bro code”, you would be totally forgiven for taking a wild swing at Mr Clever Dick with the biggest haymaker mankind has ever seen.

You’ll never land it, but no harm in trying right? Alternatively, if you’re the type who hankers for a good bar fight (cut to scenes of people smashing bar stools / pool cues over each other’s heads), then here are 10 great ways to start one.


SlickTiger Industries © Presents…

It’s been a long time in the making, but I’m finally ready to announce something pretty mindblowing that is going to feature right here, on this, the MOST ill-conceived site on the interwebs EVER.

The idea came to me in a rare moment of clarity while I was washing the dishes last night and the second it struck me, my jaw went completely slack, like a punch-drunk fighter taking a haymaker right in the FACE.



I immediately told the idea to J-Rab and she got that look on her face that is a perfect mixture of bewilderment and mild panic, which is how I knew I had NAILED IT.