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A Video That Can Actually Top The Last One I Posted On The “What-The-Fuck-o-meter”

wackIf you guys caught the last music video I posted for Jamie Lenman and were actually able to sit through the thrash metal part at the beginning, then you have a better than average chance of handling this next one.

Fair warning though, it comes from Japan – home of the world’s weirdest shit since the term “weird shit” was first invented (probably by the Japanese).

Bizarrely these guys actually sound a bit like System Of A Down if everyone in the band decided to go on a 10 day meth binge interspersed with liquid LSD down-down competitions. The internet is indeed a wonderful place.


Wednesday Whack

Jamie LenmanThere is some whack shit out there yo. To a large extent I have to rely on you, my loyal readers, to share that whack shit with me because there is just way, way too much for one man to try and find alone.

So big up to Civilian who sent through the video I’m about to show you that could very well be the most schizophrenic performance I’ve ever seen in my time on this spinning rock in the middle of nowhere.

The first 1:43 is like having a jackhammer rammed into your ear by a hipster-looking fellow, but trust me, if you can tough it out, what follows is well worth it…