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Ladbrokes predictions for the Bulls vs Stormers game

DuwenageDewaldt110320-passesGbgAwhile back I posted about online betting site Ladbrokes which has recently launched in South Africa, but which is wildly popular in the UK and has been for no less than one hundred and twenty years.

The kind folks at Ladbrokes hooked your Tiger pal up with tickets to the J&B Met and gave him some tips on what horses to bet on which were scarily accurate.

So, with the big Stormers vs Bulls game coming up, I thought I’d post some of the odds Ladbrokes are giving for the game so you guys can win millions, split the loot with me and jet off to the Bahamas to go into early retirement.

Here’s the down-lizzo:

  • Odds of Stormers winning: 4/7
  • Odds of Bulls winning: 6/4
  • Stormers half-time lead: 4/6
  • Bulls half-time lead: 11/8
  • Half-time draw: 11/1

That’s just a little taste of what you can find on the Ladbrokes site. Head over there to get more odds (, open an account, put some money down on Saturday’s game and get ready to laugh all the way to the bank.



Got your back homes. It’s get rich or die tryin’ here on TFW (not to be confused with “Get rich tie-dying”, the dismally unsuccessful self-help book published after the acid wave broke in the mid 60s).




Ladbrokes Sets The Tiger Loose At The J&B Met

PastMasterMet2011I think I speak for all bloggers here when I say that we get a serious kick out of brands that not only *get* what we do, but approach us completely out of the blue and are like, “Hey Slicky-T, whatcha up to this weekend? No plans? Here are two tickets to our hospitality area at the J&B Met, BOOM!”

That’s what Ladbrokes did just yesterday in an effort to get me excited in, and blogging about, their online betting service and suffice to say, it worked.

After getting the invite, I did a little digging and found out that Ladbrokes has been operating in the UK for over 120 years! How the hell had I never heard of them before?!

Some more digging revealed that they only recently launched to the South African market (last year August to be precise) and are currently based right here in Cape Town.

I also found this video, which features Pop-eye’s dad in the last shot:



They focus on online betting for sports like horse-racing, rugby, cricket, football, golf and tennis, but you can also bet on some really cool, random things like who you think is going to win Big Brother, MMA / UFC fights, the Olympics and even awards ceremonies like the upcoming Brit Awards.

Being fairly new to the whole online sports gambling gig, the kind folks at Ladbrokes have offered to give me pointers and tips on the day to guide me in terms of how to bet and who to bet for, how flippin’ sweet is THAT!



So I went ahead and opened an account and am going to be giving you guys a blow-by-blow account of how everything goes down on Monday.

In the meantime if you know anything about horseracing and wanna give your Tiger pal a heads-up on what horses are looking like they’re going to kill it this weekend, hit me on

If I get this right, I’ll be a millionaire by Sunday.

Here’s hopin’ Winking smile



Promises Promises

So I know I said I’d post a whole buttload of pics from the Met on Saturday once I got my hands on J-Rab’s camera, but having gone through the pics she took, they were kinda ok, not really mind-blowing.

Still though, here’s a nice pic of J-Rab and I sitting on a couch / giant flower that went well with my red and black 1930’s gangster get up.



It was such an intense fucking party, seriously. And at the end of it all, the kind folks from Road Trip drove us home for free as part of the package.

Would I recommend entering every goddamn competition known to man to win tickets to the J&B main marquee for next year’s Met?

Does the pope shit in the woods? Winking smile

Oh yeah, and incidentally we did bet on the horses if you were wandering and pretty much lost everything, which is officially my excuse for the copious amounts of tequila that followed and the awesome / mildly terrifying moves I was whipping out on the dancefloor. 

Good times I tell ya, good times.



Rock The Met Right

Without getting into too much detail, I’m working closely with the J&B Met this year which has been a mind-blowingly intense experience so yes, you can touch me and no, I don’t have free tickets for you.

This morning we were behind the scenes at the Expresso show that was being shot where something like 40 couples rocked up at 5 this morning dressed in their Met finery in the hope that they’d get chosen for automatic entry into both the main marquee and the Most Elegant Couple competition on the day.

If you’re headed to the Met and are wondering what the hell to wear, be cool. Your Tiger pal got a few pics of the couples this morning because I care about you and don’t want to have to call security because your meat dress is dripping.







So yeah, that’s the general vibe. What am I wearing you ask? Well the theme’s “larger than life” so I’ll be rocking the following:



Later party people.