Ladbrokes Sets The Tiger Loose At The J&B Met

PastMasterMet2011I think I speak for all bloggers here when I say that we get a serious kick out of brands that not only *get* what we do, but approach us completely out of the blue and are like, “Hey Slicky-T, whatcha up to this weekend? No plans? Here are two tickets to our hospitality area at the J&B Met, BOOM!”

That’s what Ladbrokes did just yesterday in an effort to get me excited in, and blogging about, their online betting service and suffice to say, it worked.

After getting the invite, I did a little digging and found out that Ladbrokes has been operating in the UK for over 120 years! How the hell had I never heard of them before?!

Some more digging revealed that they only recently launched www.ladbrokes.co.za to the South African market (last year August to be precise) and are currently based right here in Cape Town.

I also found this video, which features Pop-eye’s dad in the last shot:



They focus on online betting for sports like horse-racing, rugby, cricket, football, golf and tennis, but you can also bet on some really cool, random things like who you think is going to win Big Brother, MMA / UFC fights, the Olympics and even awards ceremonies like the upcoming Brit Awards.

Being fairly new to the whole online sports gambling gig, the kind folks at Ladbrokes have offered to give me pointers and tips on the day to guide me in terms of how to bet and who to bet for, how flippin’ sweet is THAT!



So I went ahead and opened an account and am going to be giving you guys a blow-by-blow account of how everything goes down on Monday.

In the meantime if you know anything about horseracing and wanna give your Tiger pal a heads-up on what horses are looking like they’re going to kill it this weekend, hit me on tellthetiger@gmail.com.

If I get this right, I’ll be a millionaire by Sunday.

Here’s hopin’ Winking smile


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