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Tiger Bites: Vol.1 (The Shins, Miniature Tigers, Guards)

guardsYep. It’s official, I’m bringing Tiger Bites back from the dead and posting them on my site every Friday so you crazy kids have something cool to zone out to before the weekend.

And all you lazy basterds have to do is hit the site on a Friday to hear some sick new music every week and then brag to your friends about how rad you are.

This week I’m posting The Shins playing their new track on Letterman, a video from Miniature Tigers featuring large-breasted female doctors, Lana Del Ray’s new video for “Blue Jeans” which isn’t shit (isn’t great either) and a fucking KILLER track by a band called Guards that I know you’ll dig.


The Lana Del Ray Debacle

LanaDelRayAnyone who follows the music press and music blogs is probably sick to death of the three words “Lana Del Ray” at the moment and I have to apologise before I even start writing this for adding to the hype surrounding this “artist”.

But the thing is, at the moment Lana Del Ray is like that girl at high-school who magically got gorgeous overnight and in doing so, managed to get the entire school talking about her.

Murmurs about her started last year when her track “Video Games” hit the internet, but now that her debut album Born To Die has been released, those murmurs have evolved into people shouting indignantly from the rooftops that Lana Del Ray is full of shit.


Is this Song Really That Crap?

lana del rayI read Stereogum from time to time because I like to be one of the cool kids when it comes to music and the kids at Stereogum are so fucking cool it makes my balls hurt just thinking about them.

They’re not as cool as the kids at Pitchfork though. Phwoar! Those kids listen to bands that haven’t even been invented yet.

So I was cruising Stereogum on the weekend when I came across a video by Lana Del Ray called “Blue Jeans” that I thought was pretty decent. Sultry vocals, twanging guitars, and lyrics I honestly didn’t think were that bad. Pop your headphones on and give this a spin…