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Tiger Bites: Vol.1 (The Shins, Miniature Tigers, Guards)

guardsYep. It’s official, I’m bringing Tiger Bites back from the dead and posting them on my site every Friday so you crazy kids have something cool to zone out to before the weekend.

And all you lazy basterds have to do is hit the site on a Friday to hear some sick new music every week and then brag to your friends about how rad you are.

This week I’m posting The Shins playing their new track on Letterman, a video from Miniature Tigers featuring large-breasted female doctors, Lana Del Ray’s new video for “Blue Jeans” which isn’t shit (isn’t great either) and a fucking KILLER track by a band called Guards that I know you’ll dig.


Album Review: Broken Bells

You get two kinds of people in this world – those that hear music and those that listen to music.

About 80% of the world hears music. It’s something that plays in the background of their lives between dancing from one club to another, falling in love with one person after the other and popping out one kid after the other.



Those people, they don’t care about the stories behind the music they listen to. They will hear a band like Broken Bells and they’ll love it and a week later they’ll completely forget they ever heard it and move on to the next band.