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Tiger Bites: Vol.2 (Bosco Delrey, Screaming Females, Liz Green)

BoscoMemphisI know what you guys want because it’s Friday and I want it too – something, anything to kill some time and bring the weekend on a little faster.

Good new is I got just the thing for ya. This week is 70’s psychedelic stoner rock legends Bosco Delrey, weirdo grungey basement dwellers Screaming Females and old school acoustic blues siren Liz Green.

And then, right at the end of it all, I’m going to throw in something mellow to ease you into the weekend gently and who knows? Maybe give you something to smile about.


Stop, drop and roll

All I’m doing here is writing something, anything so that I don’t break the winning streak I’ve got going with the Red October posts (ie. posting everyday for the entire month of October).

Originally I was going to just put up a picture of another SERIOUSLY HOT BELTER, but J-Rab put her foot down for all the single ladies (all the single ladies) all the single ladies (all the single ladies) and insisted I post a hot guy.

So yeah. Ta-daa.



Da doom.