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Is The Wii U The Worst Console To Ever Be Designed Ever? (Part 2, The Final Part)

skyward-sword-failIf you missed Part 1 of my personal experience with Nintendo’s newest console, click here for the lowdown. I ended that part by asking a few pressing questions about this console that have been bothering me.

Those questions were: Why is the Wii U so crap? How did Nintendo manage to fail so dismally after getting it so right with the Wii? What does the future hold for Nintendo now that the Wii U has tanked?

In answering these questions I actually got off my lazy ass for a change and did some reading up about the Wii U and here’s what I found.


Brilliant Illustrations By Ben Chen

636x460design_01Before we jump into this, let it be known that I am stealing this shamelessly from My Modern Met, so big up to them for being so cool about it.

I’m gonna let these illustrations speak for themselves because they are too awesome for words. So yeah, all I’m doing at the moment is rambling for 100 words so that I can nail the intro paragraph.

How many dead babies can you fit in a barrel? 57. How do you get a fat chick in bed? Piece of cake. Why do they call it a “pap smear”? Because if they called it a “cunt scrape” no one would go. Aaand we’re good.