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I Love You Nick Cave

tumblr_m5e6dy8FdP1rwh240o1_400Seriously, I fucking love you man. And no, I’m not writing this in some deranged, sleep deprived state like the last post. If anything, I’m a thousand times the man I was when I banged that one out.

Sure, I’m operating on four hours sleep as I write this and I dragged myself through a gym session that would kill a man half my age, but you have to understand, when Nick Cave releases a new album, my world is complete.

In fact, if you go back through all the posts on this crazy junkyard site, you’ll find this post I wrote about Nick Cave, it was the second post I ever wrote on the site, it has a grand total of 13 views.


Album Review: The National – High Violet

Call me old school, but I have a profound respect for hard-working bands. I’m talking about the kind that take a decade or more to fine-tune their sound and get a little better with every album they release.

The National released their first album in 2001 and have since released another four studio albums, the last of which, 2007’s Boxer, received widespread critical acclaim, so much so that their song ‘Fake Empire” was used by the Obama campaign at many high-profile events during the last election.



And so the pressure was on for the band to deliver the goods for their new album, High Violet, and they sure as hell didn’t disappoint.