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The Tiger’s Back In Town

Free-Download-Tiger-Theme-for-Windows-7-Tiger-AttackingHoly balls it feels like ages since I last posted! Thanks for hanging in there guys, it’s been a bit of an epic dry spell, but your Tiger pal’s back – bruised, battered but fighting on.

I’m writing this in PE, staring out the window of the B&B that’s been my home for the last week at a cotton-white sky as rain falls imperceptibly on the tiny, manicured garden outside.

If I had to explain how I’m feeling right now, the first words that come to mind are “wrung dry”.

That feeling when the project you’ve been working on so hard it’s consumed your every waking moment finally ends and the best you can say is, “It went ok.”

Not horrendously bad, not career-alteringly amazing, just ok. It went ok, people seemed to like it, things happened (mostly) as they were meant to and now all that’s left to do is write the debriefing reports, discuss what worked and what didn’t and pack up shop for the December holidays.



Friday is our last official day in the office, then ol’ Slicky-T is on leave until the 7th Jan bitches!

I can’t fucking wait.

I can’t fucking wait to dedicate my waking hours solely to the things I love doing – writing, creating sick content, reading, lying on packed summer beaches and soaking up the sun, swimming, training, eating well, watching movies and series, doing whatever the fuck I want to do.

More than that though, I can’t fucking wait to go back home to J-Rab.

I can’t wait to take her into my arms, breathe her in deep, hold her there and not let go. Her body pressed against mine, her head nestled in the crook of my neck, I swear to God, it’s the closest thing I’ve ever felt to home.

And wow, I can’t wait to eat some home-cooked food, made from scratch. I’ve been smashing so many take-aways that my hands smell like burger and my sweat feels like deep-fryer grease.



There have been good times, slamming tequila shots and dancing until 4am, racing around this two-horse city at ungodly hours, a sea of constantly shifting faces, smiling, laughing, swirling endlessly across dancefloors writhing with life.

And then the next day, waking up in an empty bed, aching all over from the fight you had with numerous bottles the night before. If you get a gigantic, greasy breakfast down quickly enough, you’re ok.

You throw some vodka in that orange juice. It goes down like knives, but without it you don’t stand a snowball’s chance of keeping that brekky down.

You shower and suit up, Bioplus sachets and McNab’s Energy Tabs and you’re all set.

You step out into the big bad world and you get ready to do it all again.

A week of this and you can only imagine what my liver thinks of me.



But now it’s all over and all there is left to do is jump on that big steel bird and fly back to my lady.

There are good times ahead Party People.

Sunshine and good times Winking smile



Tiger Back In Action!

Hey Party People!

It’s been fucking ages, how the hell are all ya crazy basterds?

I hope you all had a killer Easter and took the three days that magically turned into 11 like I did. Yesterday was actually my first day back in the orifice, but to be honest, I was too depressed to blog so I just kinda moped around feeling sorry for myself and slouched at my desk surfing porn.

It was an epic holiday though, we went up the East Coast, checked out the Knysna Elephants, stopped at Storm’s River, stopped at PE and headed on through to Grahamstown which was a total mindfuck in itself.



In GTown I stopped by my old digs, which we affectionately used to call The Zombie Mansion, and man-o-man it hasn’t changed one bit.



We had so many good times in that house, it was awesome to see it still standing and judging from the sarongs that were being used as curtains in some rooms, I’d say it’s definitely still a student digs.

It’s the biggest house I’ve ever lived in and rent was R1080 a month, how crazy is that?! We threw parties in that house that were so epic I still get random flashbacks from them that make me hide under my desk mumbling incoherently for up to 9 hours at a time.

I’m glad I got this pic though because sometime while we were living in this house, this camera randomly appeared one day and nobody could figure out who it belonged to, so I used the film remaining in it to take a whole lot of pictures of the house before I left GTown at the end of varsity.

I kept the camera for another year before I decided to finally develop the film and I was well stoked to find out a) what else was on the film strip and b) see pics of my old digs.

And so with great trepidation I drove to the nearest Kodak shop and handed the camera over to the guy behind the counter.

“Develop this shit my good man,” I said to him, “but just know this: I only took the pictures at the END of the filmstrip, the others were in the camera when I found it, so if there’s any weird shit on there, I swear it’s not mine!”

“Ok,” he said and opened the camera. “It’s empty.”

“It’s whaaaaaaaaaaaaattt?!” I replied, incredulously.

“Empty. No film inside it.”

“But it said 22 pictures! What the hell man, it wound on and everything!”

“Mechanical error probably. Sorry.”



So I’m stoked I got something to remember the Zombie Mansion by, even if it was taken years after we’d already left.

Oh, and for anyone reading this who knows me in real life, how fucked up is this. The day we left Grahamstown to come back to CT was the exact same day nine years ago that I bailed off the side of the Great Hall!

In fact, at the exact same time we were on the road heading to PE, I would have been taking that same drive nine years ago, except I was all smashed up in the back of an ambulance.

I’m like the six million dollar man Winking smile



J-Rab has some more pics of the crazy shit we got up to on holiday, I’ll try get them off her tomorrow. In the meantime I’d better get back to the grind.

Another day another dollar right? Bleaugh.