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Friday LOLZ – Winter Edition

tumblr_mniz93jkrH1r0wqrdo1_1280I have no idea why I called this “Winter Edition” other than the obvious fact that, well, it’s winter. None of the LOLZ below contain any references to winter, except for my friend on the left there.

These LOLZ have been hand-picked by your Tiger pal because they are fucking weird and I find fucking weird things funny (quite possibly because I am fucking weird).

So ram these delicious LOLZ into your face and thank me later. If they make your day go any faster then my work here is done.

Let’s start with a trailer for a movie none of us are ever going to see shall we?


Escape Monday: Best Examples Of The ‘You Had ONE Job’ Meme

youhadonejob10So in case you guys haven’t seen any of these yet allow me to explain. There’s a website called that’s dedicated to people who fluff the simplest tasks with hilarious results.

I figured this would make for a great post as part of the “Escape Monday” series seeing as we’re all guilty of committing fails in the workplace at one time or another, a lot of which probably happen on Mondays.

So kick back with your morning coffee and scroll down to see some great examples that prove the time-honoured statement “nobody’s perfect”. Props to My Modern Met for compiling this best-of list.