Salome’s first day

Hey party people.

This won’t be a long post. I’m feeling kinda down and don’t really know what to write about today. The day started out all sunshiny and turned to pouring rain and grey skies. More grey skies. Just when you think things are clearing up, more grey skies.



I guess it doesn’t help that I’ve been listening to Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds all day, but I don’t know, I find solace in that crazy fucker’s music, the way he’s screaming mad one minute and singing heartfelt ballads the next. Reminds me of this one guy I met once in a crowded bar, drinking himself quietly to hell, writing poetry on paper napkins… I wonder what ever happened to those napkins…

I think about our maid Salome’s first day when she started with us and how I was on school holidays and went to make myself a bowl cereal at 2 o’clock in the afternoon cause I was hungry and lazy that day.

I remember how I paused when I reached into the fridge for the milk because the milk jug with the cartoon cows on it wasn’t there.

Instead I found myself staring at a Hunchback of Notre Dame milk jug. Identical in shape, but with a red cap instead of a white one and pictures from the animated Disney movie all over it.

I asked my mom later what happened to the milk jug and she told me that Salome broke it by mistake, but was too scared to tell anyone so she walked up to the Pick ‘n Pay on her lunch break and tried to buy an identical jug. They were sold out of cartoon cow ones, so she bought a Hunchback of Notre Dame one instead and just kinda hoped no one would notice the difference.

She burst into tears when my mom asked her where the cartoon cow jug was.

I don’t know, I think about Salome’s first day sometimes and how it must have felt to watch that milk jug slip out of her hands and smash on the floor.

It’s stupid, I don’t know why I think about that. I wish there wasn’t so much junk in my head sometimes.

Tomorrow will be better.


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