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A Song For A Rainy, Broke-Ass Day

To everyone who responded to yesterday’s post, J-Rab and I thank you.

We celebrated the fact that there are indeed people out there who care with an extra helping of gravy on our rice last night and chased that down with a tepid glass of tap water while we still have some.

We awoke this morning to find that the nest of rats we share our bed with have had more babies which is great news as they are a tasty treat when skewered and roasted lightly over a trash can fire.



It’s a rainy day so I thought I’d post this song because it seems fitting.

It’s David Gray with the tack “Nightblindness”. Take it away David.



So yeah. Ain’t life peachy.

Have a great day everyone. If anyone needs me I’ll be rifling through the trash in the back alleys of Longstreet.