SA Needs Edgier Bands

Every time I get into a debate about South African music I always feel like a total jerk because I don’t really follow the local scene that closely so I’m pretty goddamn ignorant, truth be told.



Still though, local bands don’t really blow my hair back and I say that with the utmost respect to the bands playing in SA because I know it’s fucking hard work and they constantly have to deal with all kinds of rejection, frustration and apathy from audiences who would rather be listening to Lady Gaga blasted over the speakers in some douche-ridden piss hole with a buncha assholes in collared shirts and slut-bags in tiny skirts with and too much self-tan.

But still, I feel it’s time we upped our game. We need edgier bands. Say what you will about Die Antwoord, but they have one thing in their favour that cannot be faulted – a lot of guts.



They went out there guns blazin’ and shook things up a little. They shocked people, they took people out of their comfort zones, they were rough, siff and ready and the world snatched them up in a heartbeat.

As a country, I think it’s fucking heartbreaking how much talent we have that goes to waste because we’re good enough to get so far, but no further.

It’s like there’s this invisible barrier of FAIL that our artists and musicians and writers hit and then they do one of two things, either go totally mainstream and sell out in every conceivable way in an effort to try and stay on top, or they just die outright.



Like I said, we need to push the boundaries more, we need to not be so goddamn afraid to do some crazy shit, although I’m a great one to speak.

There was a time when I played my guitar more than I didn’t, when music flowed through me like water through a rusty faucet and came out the other side dirty and beautiful and flecked with pieces of myself infused with something pure as glacial ice.

But that guy, he gave up before he got anywhere. He gigs in his bedroom sometimes. Back in ‘08 he played the Lounge Arena for an audience of one cat. What a fucking chump.



If anything I guess I’m writing this to tell all those crazy kids out there to stop fucking around and to get more crazy. Don’t do what Tiger-Don’t did and just fucking wimp out. Steel yourselves and get out there and fuck some shit up!

So here’s the dealy-o, I’ll play you crazy basterds a song that is rocking my fucking world right now and if anyone out there knows a band currently playing is SA that sounds in any way similar to this, fucking let it be known brothers and sisters!

Turn me onto that crazy shit and I’ll get behind those fuckers and do what I can in my own Tiger way to support a scene that really needs it.

Here’s The Kills with “Future Starts Slow” off their new album, which drops this week called Blood Pressures.



Can I get a fuck yeah?!

Fuck yeah.


4 Responses to “SA Needs Edgier Bands”

  1. 1 Seerower
    April 6, 2011 at 2:52 pm

    Keep an eye on the Afrikaans alternative/rock music scene. There are a lot of shitty samey-sounding bands but ccccasionally a band comes along which “fucks shit up”. You’ll miss a lot of good music if the mother tongue difference is too much of an issue.

    • April 6, 2011 at 8:00 pm

      Seerower! Some sound advice right there man, I’ll check that shit out.
      The mother tongue is no issue for me. Music that fucks shit up is music that fucks shit up.
      Thanks for the comment, was starting to think there was no such thing as an edgy South African band.

  2. 3 steve
    April 12, 2011 at 5:07 pm

    When you mention edgy SA bands I immediately think of the Nudies. Whilst I think they came pretty close to cracking the international scene at their prime it was quite a bummer to see them hanging around from behind the scenes ever since. Opening for U2 this year? They might as well have found Just Jinger and had a reunion show (ja, note the ‘g’).

    I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO disappointed when Perez got their shit back together to bang out a quick get back together album only to return to being asswipes again. I suppose that’s what happens when you have two big ego lead singers. Saw em play a really crappy timeslot at Up the Creek, like 2pm on the saturday when everyone is sleeping or in the river and they tore that green tent apart. That was a good 2/3 years ago and nothing since has blown my hair round here since.

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