Hands up who took the three days leave that magically turns into eleven days over Easter?



If you did, you’re a fucking genius. Pat yourself on the back for that shit and go immediately to bar, do not pass go, do not collect 200.

I took those three days because I, like you, am pretty much one of the smratest people ON THE PLANET!

Needless to say, posting might get a little patchy over the next two weeks. We’re taking a road trip up to Knysna along the garden route and then further up to the Eastern Cape to hit some killer spots like Kenton and Port Alfred.



Fingers crossed this cold front passes soon and leaves one last glorious taste of summer in its wake.

Sunshine and good times people. That’s where it’s at Winking smile

So take care of your bad selves over the Easter period. Be safe and celebrate Christ’s brutal crucifixion and somewhat creepy return from the grave by eating little chocolate eggs and Lindt rabbits while I practise some crucifixion and returning from the dead myself.



Catch you crazy fuckers on the other side.



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