Baby Shrapnel Gets The Tiger Stamp Of Approval

As a prolific South African blogger, I’m pretty much swamped on a daily basis with emails from my readers, most of which feature pics of charnas (or belters) who are MASSIVE & RIPPED because, you know, I wrote the whole ‘Klap Gym’ thing and that’s pretty much all I’m known for.

“SlickTiger? You mean the oke who wrote Klap Gym Boet? Fuck I LOVE that oke’s blog!”

“Really? You don’t say. So what’s your favourite post?”

“Klap Gym Boet!”

“Huh. And your second favourite?”

“Ektually, that’s all I’ve read hey?”

That’s all he’s read. That, the TV Guide and the fucking menu at Spur are what he considers ‘high quality literature’. Klap it boet.



So I get this email from a dude who calls himself “Josh” the other day with a YouTube link to the first episode of an animated show his mates put together called Baby Shrapnel.

So, having nothing better to do, I watched the first episode and actually found myself sniggering at some of the jokes which provoked me to dig a little deeper and man-o-man did I find some awesome, fucked up shit.

There’s an ENTIRE SEASON of this, ten episodes, and it’s basically the crappest show I’ve ever seen, but fuck me it’s funny.

The overriding impression I get from the show is that creators Hugh Upsher and Graeme Barnes couldn’t really care less if anyone actually likes / relates to / watches the show and the result is a collection of some of the most random content I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching.



Most of the show is a badly animated dude sitting on a couch with a sock puppet on his hand making random observations about everything from car guards to hipster beards to plasters for black people, sandwiched between hilarious rip offs of the ads we love to hate and badly animated skits that are flush with toilet humour (yes, that just happened) and more atrocious animation.

Here’s episode 9 to give you an idea of what the show’s like. I’d highly recommend checking out more here if you like it.



Have a killer weekend party people. I’ll catch you crazy kids on Monday Winking smile


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