Human Centipede 2 trailer. Yuk.

Human-Centipede-2-04So get this.

Tom Six, the writer and director of what is widely regarded as one of the worst films ever made, The Human Centipede, has decide to shit out a sequel, The Human Centipede Part 2 (Full Sequence).

The premise in the first one is the kind of thing you hear murmured on the internet but never expect to actually get made.

A surgeon who specialises in separating Siamese Twins goes batshit crazy and decides to surgically attach three people ass-to-mouth to create, well, a human centipede.

The idea is unthinkably disgusting, but the execution was surprisingly tame considering how bad he could have made it. Not so with Full Sequence which, if early reviews are to be trusted, is brutal.

This time around, it ain’t a surgeon doing the work, it’s a crazed oompa loompa who, in an interesting meta textual move, is obsessed with the first Human Centipede movie and wants to create his very own centipede in his garage.

Check it:



Very clever Tom Six. Very clever.

Make your antagonist watch the first movie, digest it in his twisted mind and shit out his own version of the original, exactly like the second person in the centipede eats and digests the shit of the first.

What a splendid imagination our friend Tom Six has. What a creative fellow!

Well done Tom Six. You are officially one of the most fucked up people I could think of off the top of my head.


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