Pappas Got A Brand New Tang

Tomato badge artworkI had this buddy way back who was a serious doff ou, in fact, that’s what we used to call him – doffo.

Anyway, doffo made it his mission to create the HOTTEST chilli sauce known to man and, having tasted it, I can honestly say that he achieved that mission and the results nearly killed me.

Nandos, being the clever ous they are, realise there are millions of people like me who don’t like sauce so hot is can strip paint.

Which is why they’ve decided to drop it like it’s not-hot by introducing a new flavour of rad – Tangy Tomato.

So what are we dealing with here? Well, to put it in a simple sentence, we’re talking sun-ripened tomatoes plus a touch of aromatic basil and a splash of balsamic vinegar – WINNING! All nom, and no burn.

Tangy Tomato (http://www.tangytomato.co.za) is the choice for chicken lovers who prefer a less intense Peri-Peri experience without having to endure the customary hand-stands-in-the-shower that follow an intense Peri experience. So, if you can’t stand the heat, get into a Nando’s kitchen.

Why tomatoes? That’s easy; they’re only the most radass fruit on the planet. The Spanish have even dedicated an entire festival to pelting one another with tomatoes, smooshing them in the streets and getting completely out of hand.



Not sure what’s more awesome – the copious amounts of tomato smooshed everywhere or the Boswill-Wilkie soundtrack.

Good times Winking smile

So anyway, to launch Tangy Tomato Nandos shot this ad which features two of my favourite things – Portuguese people and blowing shit up:



There you have it. Nine out of nine people love the new Tangy Tomato flavour so go get your Tang on, try it out and lemme know if it blows your mind with awesome.

Have a killer weekend party people Winking smile


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