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Ice Cream Tuk-Tuk Fare For The Motherflippin’ Win!

CAPE TOWN, South Africa: Wednesday 12 December 2012, during the launch of the Nestle King Cone Tuk Tuk service during summer.
Photo by Roger SedresUp until February this year I didn’t have a clue what a tuk-tuk even was. Then we went to Thailand and rode a few and I distinctly remember thinking “SA would be a much radder country if we had a few of these…”

And now we do! And what’s even better news is that until February, if you buy a King Cone and flag down a King Cone tuk-tuk, you get to ride around Cape Town for free, eating ice cream!

I mean, that’s pretty flippin’ radass when you think about it. As individual experiences, riding in a tuk-tuk and eating ice cream both rate right up there in terms of fun things to do in summer. Now imagine doing those two things AT THE SAME TIME! Genius!