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Feel-Good Short Animation Of The Day

800x600I’ve been watching a lot of short animations and films on the interwebs recently because as a writer, I have a lot of respect for people who have mastered the art of telling a compelling story in a matter of minutes.

Yesterday I tweeted about a short film I watched called “Voice Over” that I thought was rad, but then today I stumbled on this Oscar nominated short film called “Paperman” that you guys HAVE to see.

The first-time director behind this short animation, John Kahrs, uses blended computer-generated and hand-drawn techniques to tell this story and the results speak for themselves.




The Secret To Immortality Lies In A Motherflippin’ Jellyfish!

immortal-jellyfish-turritopsis-nutricula-4I don’t usually blog about sciencey / marine biology-ee stuff, but today’s post is an exception folks because I read about this curazy jellyfish that has been classified as “biologically immortal”.

The little sucker in question is no bigger than your pinky nail (4.5mm) which was a bit of an anti-climax for me (I was picturing some gigantic, alien-looking thing taking heavy artillery fire and instantly regenerating).

But then I read about this thing’s life cycle and I was completely dumbstruck. The Turritopsis nutricula (“Turry” to his friends) is able to transform its cells from a mature state back to immaturity after it has matured and mated. In other words, this little asshole is capable of aging backwards.


The Three Types Of iPad Games

iPad-mini-blackI must be one of the biggest dooses on the planet when it comes to owning an iPad.

I mean here you have this super effective tool that can streamline your entire life, it can basically turn you into a super-human with the right combination of apps and what do I use mine for?

Games. Shitloads of games.

Oh, and FlipBoard – that app rocks. But if you had to take those two things off my ipad, all it would be is a very expensive paperweight.


SlickTiger Klaps The Most Seffrican Flight, Has The Jol Of His LIFE!

Lead imageJus-LAAIK have I just flied back form the flippin’ BUFFEST event IN THE LAND or what! How buff am I talking about here?

Boedie, I’m talking about going up to the city of ous who INVENTED klapping gym, I’m talking about staying in a flippin SIX-STAR hotel, klapping flippin buff-it PRAWNS for supper, flippin GAMBLING with a other ou’s money, getting showferred to Lanzeria airport and meeting my pel Jacque Perrow!

THEN I’m talking about KLAPPING the most Seffrican flight to ever be flied, having a lag at Kurt Schoonrad and getting lekker emotional when secret KWAAIER OUS start singing the Seffrican national song 10,000,0000km above land.


Go Home You Are Drunk Friday

go-home-you-are-drunk-14I like “Go home, you are drunk memes”. I mean hell, what’s not to like about them? Up until they hit the interwebs I thought humans were the only things that could get drunk. Turns out I was wrong.

GHYAD memes have taught us that all manner of things including milk, copy machines, cars, planes, trees, houses, you name it, all seem to be hitting the sauce on a regular basis with hilarious results.

So while you sit at your desk, daydreaming of how drunk YOU are going to be getting this weekend, here are a few new GHYAD memes I found in my recent explorations of the interwebs.


Were the 90s Really This Bad?!

Techno PoopSometimes on the interwebs you dig up something so cheesy that it goes beyond the limits of being funny because it’s so crap and passes beyond those limits into just being crap.

Remember that video I posted of that rave from 1997? Yeah, that was funny because there were clearly a lot of drugs involved which, when combined with people who clearly can’t handle them, is pretty damn hilarious.

Hollywood hadn’t quite latched onto “the scene” yet though and still thought techno was what all the cool kids were listening to which resulted in this fucking awful scene from the 1996 movie Vibrations.


Treefiddy Review: Gerald Clark – Black Water

main-6The Down Lizzo:

Remember near the end of last year when I posted that badass stop-motion video for the track “Black Water” by Gerald Clark and wrote about how badly I needed that album in my life?

Well my prayers were answered pretty much the next day and before I knew it I was knocking back some smoky Double Black and tearing it up to this gritty, gutsy, killer blues album.

Black Water is how the blues were made to be played. It’s honest, unrepentant, wild and free and I loved every minute of it.


Movie Review: Django Unchained

DjangoUnchained_TeaserPoster_Print.inddOn Friday last week me and the missus were treated to the premier of Tarantino’s new offering Django Unchained by the kind folks at Oude Meester because their posterboy for the brand, Jamie Foxx, IS Django.

After wining and dining us with a few signature Oude Meester cocktails and some light finger foods, we were ushered into the cinema and given a brief welcome by the Oude Meester p1mp daddy himself, Arthur Lindani.

To the brand’s credit they didn’t dwell on the formalities for too long – we were shown the extended version of the Jamie Foxx Oude Meester commercial (which was shot entirely in Cape Town) and right after that the movie started and wow! We were BLOWN AWAY!


Escape Monday: The World’s Most Surreal Man-Made Places (Part un)

main-qimg-659a77b3fa41f35e532ea08347d24a91We continue our journey into the world’s most surreal places this week with a look at some of the crazy shit that we have built over the past few thousand years.

I must say, of all the places listed below, I think I’d heard of maybe three of them which just goes to show how badly I need to get out there into the big bad world and explore a little.

But yeah, unless I win the lottery, that’s not going to happen anytime soon. Instead I just write these posts and gaze longingly at pics of amazing places I could be visiting if I ever actually managed to get my shit together.


Super Slick Design Website

tumblr_mg3fwrPgyV1r46py4o1_1280As you guys have probably noticed because of my “Escape Monday” posts, your Tiger pal isn’t a complete Neanderthal, he does appreciate aesthetic beauty in its myriad forms.

That’s right muthufukkahs! Read that last sentence carefully again: “aesthetic beauty in its myriad forms”. Can you handle the muthufukkin lyrical prowess of that muthufukkin sentence MUTHUFUKKAHS! Aaahhh yeeeaaahhh!

Anyway. I found this pretty cool design website (link follows below) where people can post their work and the work of other inspirational designers. It’s just a really slick collection of amazing design work that I thought you guys might enjoy, especially if you’re a designer yourself.

Dig it: