Escape Monday: Awesome Pieces Of Street Art

28-Imaginative-Examples-Of-Creative-Street-Art-20Blink and the entire weekend is over before it began. Crazy how quickly weekends go by, how soon we find ourselves back here, back at our laptops getting bombarded by emails once again.

It’s nice to imagine people who don’t have to endure the same office-bound existence that we do. I take comfort in the thought that there are free spirits out there, running amok, doing all the crazy shit I can’t.

Graffiti is an expression of that kind of freedom. In a perfect world, graffiti artists would be contracted by cities to cover ugly public buildings with bright-coloured images and thought-provoking  pieces of art like the ones you’re about to see.

In Tiger City, this is what the world would look like:

























Dig that last one. I woulda made the houses brown though…


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