Escape Monday: With Hilariously Badly drawn Movie Posters From Ghana

300I actually have a sneaking suspicion I might have posted these ridiculously awesome movie posters before, but I don’t think I posted these exact ones.

The movie posters below remind me of the paintings I used to see in the art department at prep school. The artist is clearly able to draw / paint (kind of), but could definitely use a few lessons to refine his art.

I really shouldn’t judge though. If I had to attempt this, lemme tell you, the results would be about 100 times more hilarious. At varsity I once attempted to copy the cover of a vegetarian cookbook but it ended up looking like a collection of oddly shaped dildos.

Dig it:







At this stage you’re probably thinking that they aren’t too bad at drawing Arnie right?





Next up: the Bruce Lee blow-up doll.



Loving the artistic license the illustrator has taken with the cat’s tongue in this next one.



To see just how bad this next one is, I’ve included the original as a frame of reference first:



Cool. We see what they were going for there. Here’s the Ghanian interpretation:




Speaking of terror…



Next up, the Evil Dead II remake starring Sylvester Stallone, a mechanical skull / bat and a squint Asian woman.




And then there’s the lesser-known version of Desperado starring Michael Jackson.



And Elektra starring a post-op transsexual and a man wielding an octopus tentacle.



The cover for Alien that was so good someone splooged on it… twice…




Hellboy without Hellboy.



I love “Jason Stratham’s” guns in this next one, especially the top gun in which the bullet must have to travel through a two-inch long gap in the barrel.




No idea who “Gary Oldman Reeves” or “Anthon Hopkin” is in this next one but my guess would be the three headed, fire-breathing dog-vampire.



Then my two favourites – the James Bond poster with a glaring typo, a disapproving koi fish and a limousine that was clearly drawn by someone who got halfway through it and then realised he had no idea how to draw limousines:



And the Nightmare On Elm Street poster simply titled “A Nightmare” that depicts a Freddy Krugerish character picking his nose while a man takes a pickaxe to the face with a look of saintly serenity.



Gotta love them Ghanians.

Kooky basterds Winking smile


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