Ford Gives Nissan A Run For Its Money On The Weird-Shit-O-Meter

ford-toadLast year I banged out a post about a Nissan ad that featured irritating little pink ponies that live inside your car and sing crap songs.

At the time, it was the weirdest ad I’d ever seen for a car brand, especially at the end when one of the ponies uses a guttural, demon voice to force you to like their Facebook page.

Well, I have great news people. Ford in Australia have managed to top Nissan by producing an ad that combines talking frogs with drugs and violence, resulting in a whole other level of awesome that puts Nissan’s pink pony weirdness to shame.

Check it:



Awesome. I now know more about creamy frog secretion than I do the actual car they were advertising.

Great job people. Eight-balls all round.


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