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Okes Who Like To Klap It #12: Old Spice Charna

Expendables Cast Rings New York Stock Exchange ZKAeGmJILlslHazit ma boychays!

So I’m surfing the interwebs the other day just doing my normal thing of checking my emails, writing some kak on vleisboek and looking for pictures of MASSIVE AND RIPPED okes covered in oil looking flippin’ BUFF in there speedos and what do I find?!


I mean, a oke who shouts ALL THE TIME, RIDES TIGERS, HAS BICEPS INSIDE HIS BICEPS, CAN TURN OFF THE SUN, KICK BUILDINGS DOWN and blow his own MIND! Seriously boet, the only way I can explain it is if you watch some of the videos I found.



Okes Who Like To Klap It #6: Legwarmer Boychay

Ronny Rockel 194Hasit ma charnas!

So I was in the gym the other day for my late night session, KLAPPING it so stukkend I had to beat the belters off me with a barbell when I saw a boychay who had taken things to THE NEXT LEVEL!

This charna walks in with the confidence of 10 men and immediately all the belters start staring at him like the oke has some kinda magical aurora and no matter how much I grunted between reps or how hard I chucked the weights against the floor, it didn’t make a flippin’ difference!

EVERYONE was watching this charna!


The SlickTiger Guide to Klapping Gym Boet!

As an oke with lots of mates who are also okes I can tell you straight that it’s every oke’s dream to get MASSIVE AND RIPPED and bang two hot blondes AT THE SAME TIME!

Once an oke has achieved this goal, he is happy and can spend the rest of his life sitting on the couch, drinking beer, watching sports and TELLING OTHER PEOPLE WHAT TO DO.

He has earned this right, nobody can take this right away from him and with my help you can earn this right too, but first you gotta learn the proper way to KLAP GYM BOET! or you’ll always be a loser who can’t pull hot chicks and spends friday nights at home twitting with his loser friends on the interweb.