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SlickTiger’s Kitteh Pals Nearly 3 Weeks Old

Cyootface1I feel no shame about the post I’m about to write because as much as I might come across as an insensitive Neanderthal, I’m actually a big softie at heart.

All this post contains are pictures of very cute kittens that, come next week Monday, will be exactly 3 weeks old.

The backstory here is J-Rab works at a vet where they brought in a very pregnant and strikingly beautiful stray cat that couldn’t have been more than 8 months old. J-Rab decided we’d give the cat a home to have it’s kittens and now we have 6 little furballs that are literally getting cuter by the day.


SlickTiger Becomes A Dad!

dad cigarGreat news party people, as of Monday your Tiger pal became a dad! That’s right, “Smelly Cat” from a few posts back gave birth to 6 little furballs on Monday morning.

I got to watch the first two being born and I can tell you straight up, it was the craziest experience.

It’s the circle of life, just like in that movie with that lion who was king and then got killed in front of his kid lion who then grew up to be a man lion and eventually became king himself. I think it was called “Lion Story”.