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The Tiger Rocks The Daisies Chapter 2: Friday Super Mario

DSCF0455The first morning of a festival is the best by far.

All the troopers from the night before slowly start surfacing, giving one another silent nods of approval from across their respective campsites while the morning sun shines impossibly bright all around you.

First thing I did when I woke up was put my sunglasses on. Second thing I did was down a sachet of rehydrate followed by two liver pills and two Myprodols in rapid succession.

Lastly, I put the Tiger hat on and got ready to face the day though all the preparation in the world wouldn’t have got me ready for the insanity to follow.


Wreck-It Ralph Breathes New Life Into 3D Animated Movies

wreck-it-ralph-logoI’ve seen some buzz starting recently on the interwebs about the new Disney movie, Wreck-It Ralph, but didn’t pay much attention to it because lately 3D animated movies haven’t really blown my hair back.

But having just watched the trailer, I got a feeling Wreck-It Ralph is going to breathe some much-needed life back into the genre.

The premise is that Ralph, who’s a character in an 8-bit arcade game called Wreck-It Ralph, gets sick and tired of being the bad guy and starts “game-jumping” into other titles.

It’s a great premise, but what sealed the deal for me was the fact that actual video game characters (like Bowser from Super Mario, Zangief from Street Fighter II and even Kano from Mortal Kombat) feature in this movie.


Awesome work time-wasters (part vii)

famicomWhat were those old-school consoles called that flooded the SA market back when we were kids? The NES rip-offs with the red rectangular controllers? “Golden China” or some shit like that?

Anyway, there was a time when all the kids had one (except me. Christ I was deprived) and spent hour after hour mercilessly bashing the buttons to classics like Contra, Megaman and Super Mario, their brains slowly turning to gloop while they forgot how to do basic things like read and go to the loo unassisted.

Well what if I told you they’ve rolled all those rad old games into ONE?! That’s right. Hold onto your balls.