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Help The Tiger Put This Man In Space

431577_10150676433399434_591191503_nSo as you guys probably all know already because you are super internet-savvy mofos – Axe are upping the ante in the hugest way possible by sending someone into space.

That’s right, Axe has invited people to enter a competition that’s divided into a number of stages, the final one being strapping yourself into a goddamn rocket and launching yourself into motherflippin’ SPACE yo!

It’s arguably one of the most epic competitions I’ve heard of in recent years. Hit up the Axe Apollo Space Academy site for more details or just kick back and watch the radass video to follow.



Radass ne?


The Tiger Life – Episode 1

Alrighty, let’s do this!

Like I said, this is ok – I had to scale down the video quite a lot to get it to upload right so the visuals have lost a bit of their sharpness and clarity, but overall, the best part of doing this whole thing was shooting it on the Nokia N8 I’m using right now.

So kick back, grab a froo-froo vodka cocktail and check out The Tiger Life – Episode 1.




Stay tuned for more Tiger shenanigans in next week’s episode!



SlickTiger Industries Presents: TigerTV

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, ghouls and fiends WELCOME to TigerTV.

I couldn’t have done ANY of this without the help of my good friends Supa Dan, Judd Zuckle, Mike Van Barmann and Hardcore Iain The Slain Barbarian.

This is the first of many, many more short film projects to come. If you wanna get involved, email

I can pay you in meatballs and internet notoriety.

Please enjoy the PSA we shot to raise awareness about an issue close to my heart.



Have a killer weekend guys!