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Red December

What I’m aiming for, at the end of this month, is for my blog calendar to have every day painted red.

My what calendar you ask? My blog calendar. You can see it if you look a little to the right, you might have to scroll down a little… yeah… thaaaaat’s what I’m talking about.

Every day I blog, that day goes red. If I don’t blog that day is just white, blank, it’s every writer’s worst demon, the blank page.

So December I’m gonna make red, the whole big ugly bastard, and yes, it means that there will be posts that are irrelevant (much like this one) but I’ll do my level best to try and inject something of value into them.

The thing of value in this one is for any aspiring artists out there that might end up reading this and comes from the book I’m reading right now (yes, I’m still reading it 😉 ) called Stealing Fire From The Gods.



The author, James Bonnet gives some valuable advice to anyone trying to write (which I think any artist could take to heart); change yourself and you can change your destiny, little acts of courage performed today can have exponential effects on the rest of your life, and the third one, which he illustrates with the following story:

‘In a fairy tale called Aga Baba,’ he writes on page 30, ‘a young her on an important adventure stops to rest at a witches house. The witch, in cahoots with his enemies, tries to delay him by asking him some intriguing but difficult questions like, “What is truth?” “Does the universe ever end?” and so on. The wise young hero looks at her and says: “Shut up and get me something to eat.”’

The wisdom here is simple: Beware of imponderables when action is necessary.

For a long time I planned writing projects, maybe put down a few hundred words here or there, but it wasn’t until the day, nearly 3 months ago, when I first sat down to write this blog, that I actually started making headway.

Don’t fuck around. If you need to write, or draw, or jam, or design, or whatever it is you do that expresses your creativity, do it.

And the universe will reward your ballsy attitude 😉

Think about that, there’ll be a quiz later.