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Let’s have a round of applause for Mr Loserpants

The first thing you learn about being a SlickTiger is that it’s impossible to be Slick ALL THE TIME, sometimes you’re just a regular Tiger and sometimes, well sometimes you are Mr Loserpants.



I feel like Mr Loserpants today because I’m not going anywhere on holiday. Yeeesss yeesss, thaatttss right, laugh, laugh at Mr Loserpants.

This will be the first time in something like five years that I’m actually going to stay in Joburg for Xmas and New Year and not go on a badass adventure somewhere.

I love roadtripping. There’s nothing better than striking out there in your car, hitting the open roads and just driving until all the buildings and skyscrapers fade away. Out there you’ll hear bird calls you never heard and at night when you look up a hundred thousand stars will shine back down on you.



I’m not a religious man, but I swear, if I had a night sky like that above me every night I could become one.

Out there at night you’ll be lulled to sleep by the sound of the ocean washing up and down the shore and when you laugh it will be easy and it will feel good right deep down inside.

Your days will be spent in the sun, your skin will glow warm as you lounge on a towel, completely immersed in a good book. You can take pleasure in the simple things out there, it’s ok, I won’t tell anyone 😉

You will be free and easy out there, all the shit back here, it won’t matter anymore and you shouldn’t fucking let it.

What I want from you, more than anything else while you’re on holiday, is to imagine a world where we can, all of us, be on holiday all the time. A world where we are not forced into office cubicles in artificial environments all day to breathe in other people’s farts and have to put up with their shitty moods.

You, me, and everyone else that reads, understands and enjoys this blog is better than that.

Make no mistake brothers and sisters, we’re building an arc here, we’re separating the chaff from the grain, this is fucking important. This is fucking important because I know there’s a life everyone one of us wishes we were living instead of the one we are, and fuck, I want you to live that life and I know the only thing stopping you from living that life is balls.

You need bigger balls.



Hell, so do I, but I’m working on it and I want you to work on it too. There’s something you’re afraid of doing right now, it’s lurking in the back of your mind, maybe you’ve been putting it off for a day, maybe you’ve been putting it off for a year or longer.

Do that thing now. Right now. Today. Stop fucking around and reading this and go do that thing.

Tomorrow we can meet up back here and you can tell me all about it.

Keep on truckin’ 😉