My New BFF Smirnoff – The Plot Thickens

You guys aren’t gonna believe this.

So despite the fact that I shot holes through their new campaign and had a laugh at DJ Fresh and Euphonik’s co-written response (click here for a recap), it would appear that the folks at Smirnoff still wanna be pals.



I cracked the nod to attend this exclusive event Smirnoff are hosting on Friday where they’re going to be revealing all kinds of stuff about this whole Nightlife Experience shebang including, but not limited to:

  • What South Africa has packed in its crate!
  • Where we’re sending it! and
  • Which country’s crate is coming to us!

And there I’ll be, at ground zero when this all gets revealed like some kind of sold-my-soul-to-Satan corporate whore blogger.



But I mean c’mon, it’s high time the Tiger got some kick-backs from this whole blogging gig. I mean, I share a cubicle with Nash from Bangers&Nash and that guy gets so much free shit it’s embarrassing.

Next on the Tiger’s agenda: write a post about how lousy Maseratis are, how X-Boxes are a dying fad and how houses in Camps Bay are shit.

Don’t hate the player hate the game yo!


2 Responses to “My New BFF Smirnoff – The Plot Thickens”

  1. October 20, 2010 at 12:19 pm

    Remember this…

    “Having said that, I want you to take this gun, it’s fully loaded and the safety’s off, and if I ever sellout and become another advertising-riddled pile of horse shit, I want you to shoot me. Right in the money-maker (not that money-maker! The face! The FACE fer chrissakes!).”

    If I see you turning into something remotely Seth Rotherham-like I’m a gonna pull the fucking trigger. (unsubscribe never to return again)

    • October 20, 2010 at 5:09 pm

      That is so fucking badass! You REMEMBER that post! Hell yeah 🙂

      Ok, deal. If you guys pick up any of the ‘vibe’ here on TFW, pull the trigger.

      It’s so funny though, I got to thinking about it after I hit publish on that last post and I think I’ve spent the last year cultivating a loyal following of people that cannot be advertised to.

      God knows I love you crazy fuckers 😉


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