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When All Else Fails, Terror Is Always An Option

Kommetjie in many ways is an idyllic little town by the sea. People there are chilled out, they enjoy a relatively stress-free life and are known to indulge in the odd marijuana cigarette from time to time whilst staring vacantly at the sea.

We hit Longbeach Mall on Sunday, which was bustling with a fine cross section of Kommetjie locals, some of whom looked like their parents might be cousins, which I guess is the other, darker side to living in a quaint little seaside village with very little to do in the evenings.

Long story short, I was already slightly on edge whist walking around the mall, which is what made the following discovery all the more terrifying.



But wait, it gets better.



Shop mannequins are creepy as fuck at the best of times, but these puppies take the cake.

Do these faux-humans make you want to buy clothing? They make me want to hide under my bed and never come out again… much like my day job actually…