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What We Need Today Is Music

We need some music today, what do you guys think?

“Fuck Yeah we need some music! Whaddya got?”

Well kids, how about we try out a little Deerhoof for size?


That’s exactly what I said. Deer-who-the-fuck. Then I got my feelthy mits on this album (Deerhoof vs. Evil) and man-o-man, I LOVE this shit!

It’s this weird, irreverent mix of a whole bunch of different genres all melted into each other with what sounds like a 12 year-old Japanese girl on vocals. Usually this schizophrenic, disjointed and downright confusing approach to writing music doesn’t do much for me, but in this case it hit the sweet spot.



Anyway, enough preamble. Kick back, relax, put your headphones on and dig this shit.

Friday’s on it’s way people. We can do this Winking smile